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Ask Me Anything!

You have specific topics that you want to discuss, or questions you want to ask. This is a perfect Q&D (Question & Discussion) session to gain the knowledge fast, and get action steps to implement into your business, right away!


• What questions can I ask on our call?
Any questions you want! I am an open book with my photography mentees, and pull from my 11+ years of experience to answer any questions asked.

• Do I have to book a session right away, or can we chat first?
Let's chat! I always offer a free 15 minute consultation call to learn more about you and your business, and how I can focus our scheduled call to maximize our time together and help your business grow!

• How much do your mentorship packages cost?
I offer three package options, and you are welcome to book them as a single call, or in any combination. My Ask Me Anything package is perfect for a one hour Q&A, in person or virtually, where we answer as many questions as you have in an hour. My Let's Edit package is where we sit down in person or virtually to teach you how to edit faster, edit more consistently, identify your editing style, use Photoshop, or more, and edit some photos together. My Level Up Mentorship Program is a deep dive into your business where we meet or talk over three-2 hour meetings. It's perfect for a photographer who knows what they want, but gets hung up in spots and/or needs a little push to get there. We will identify the pain points in your business, identify your strengths, answer any and all questions you have, and create a game plan together to grow your business!

• Where will my session be held?
Wherever you’d like! If you're a photography mentee in Asheville, NC, we can meet at a coffee shop, a brewery, a park, your front porch, etc. If you're not local to Asheville, we can meet virtually.

• How soon can I schedule my photography mentorship session?
I love your excitement! Inquire right now using the contact form, and we can set up your 15 minute free consultation right away. While on that call, we can schedule your mentorship session. Typically, I have availability within a few days after our consultation call.

I am here to offer YOU a mentorship so that I can share the knowledge that no one told me, and that I fought HARD to find! Community over competition is what I believe in. I’m an open book during my photography mentorship calls, so schedule a mentorship session with me, grab a cup of tea, and let me share the ins and outs of running a successful photography business with you! 

I have been a full time photographer for 11 years! I moved to a new city where I knew zero people, opened my photography business, and made it grow! Now I have a full schedule of photo sessions and weddings. I went from 10 small photography jobs the first year, to over 120 BIG photography jobs a few years later! That means I also went from making under $8,000 my first year, to making over six figures in that short time! 


one on one

We can talk about any photography business topic that you want during our time together!

Do you want to learn more about Photoshop? Let’s chat!
Do you want to know how to book more clients? Let’s chat!
Do you want to raise your prices (because you’re worth more!)? Let’s chat!

Your photography dream isn’t a little hobby, it’s a                     , so let’s make it even more successful!


1 Hour
Virtual or In Person

Let’s Edit!

You want to learn how to edit your photos faster and/or more consistently. I can walk you through identifying your editing style, editing 10-20 of your RAW images, all while teaching you to get the edits you want!

1 Hour
Virtual or In Person

You know what you want, what you’re working towards. You can see it clearly, but get hung up on the steps to get there. I get it, that used to be me! Let’s sit down together, three times over the next three months, and walk through your pain points, highlight what your strengths are, and create a plan to bring your photography business to the next level! This is far more than a Q&A. It’s a deep dive into your business! We will discuss your chosen topics, or look at your business as a whole. You will leave each session with action steps and will have time to implement them before our next session. This will help turn your business into the one you’ve been envisioning!
Option to upgrade to 6 months. $1600

Three 2 Hour Meetings
Virtual or In Person


All mentorships start with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. Follow the link below to schedule
a time to chat with me so that
I can get to know you, your business, and your goals.



Once you’re on my calendar, I will send you a questionnaire to complete so that I can learn even more about your goals and create a customized plan for how to focus our time together to maximize growth in your business.

Schedule your session


So that you can write down the actionable advice we discuss, and immediately apply it to your business.

Grab a notebook
and a pen

how it works

in 3 easy steps!

Example topics:
- Photoshop - Remove distracting objects like exit signs, photo bombers, power lines
- How to structure your pricing so that you make money!
- How to make your clients fall in love with YOU so that they keep coming back
- How to stand out and get bookings in a saturated market
- How to level up the experience you give your clients
- How to handle tough and needy clients
- How to outsource or automate tasks so that you have more time for the things you love
- How to find your editing style
- How to edit your photos
- How to use AI editing software
- How to create a better work life balance
- How to use your camera better
- How to make your business legal in North Carolina
- Review your workflow to streamline your process. 
- How to cull better and not overdeliver too much!

I have learned           in my 11 years of being a photographer and business owner, and I want to share that knowledge with you! I did the hard work of wading slowly through the waters, and with that, let’s fast track you! 

a lot

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Level Up!
Mentorship Program

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I’m so glad that you clicked the button and are ready to grow your photography business! You are going to LOVE where your business takes you!
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