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So you’ve recently had your photos taken by a professional photographer and your photographer gave you the digital files and print rights just as you wanted, but now what? 
Most people find themselves wanting prints made from their digital files, but don’t know where or how to do it. As weeks go by with digital files in hand and no idea where to go for prints, many people forget or find it less of a priority. The next thing you know, it’s been 6 months or a year, and you want another photography session for your quickly growing family, but still haven’t made prints from the last! Don’t get caught in the digital world, and use the below tips for printing your photographs, fast!

1. Order prints from your photographer! 

If your photographer offers print ordering, whether on their website or via personal request, use them! They already have the high resolution digital files, the expertise for cropping and paper type, and the knowledge to ensure your prints will be perfect! After a few simple clicks on their website’s print order option, you will have all of the images you’d like without ever having to take your USB drive to a storefront, or taking the time to upload your photos to an online store! This is the most efficient option and keeps your beautiful photos in the hands of an expert!

2. Make prints locally, at a print shop! 

We all love the ‘shop local’ movement, so why not take a few minutes to research your area for a high quality photo print shop? Some small towns may not have a high quality print shop, but any large town likely does. Even where I live, in Asheville, NC, we have an amazing locally owned print shop, French Broad Imaging! With these print shops, often you can walk in with a USB drive, or upload images through their website. If you have any questions regarding print sizes, cropping, or paper types, don’t hesitate to call and ask. They will be happy to help, after all, you chose to shop local!

3. Not all prints are created equal! 

When using an online or quick print photo printing option, you will be asked many questions that you may not know the answer to. What type of paper would you like to use? Will your image crop to an 8×10 and still look good? Is your image high enough resolution for the extra large print size you want? With DIY quick prints you want to ensure the store you’re using offers matte or luster paper for prints. This is what professionals use to get those dreamy prints that minimize glare, have consistent color, and last a long time! You also want to ensure that you can adjust the cropping before submitting your order. Typically this is a standard option for each image. If this isn’t an option, my recommendation is to find another store, as you won’t know what your print will look like until it’s too late! Your chosen store should also alert you if your image size isn’t big enough for the large prints you want. If it doesn’t, you could receive pixellated or grainy prints, and no one wants that!

Jessica is an award winning Asheville wedding photographer, Asheville family photographer, Asheville newborn photographer, and Asheville engagement photographer.

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