Asheville Pet Photographer | Newborn Puppy Stark the German Shepherd Session Preview

Puppy on back with paws behind ears Asheville Pet Photographer

This Asheville pet photographer session y’all!!! It was the cutest and most unique thing I’ve done in a long time and I’m so glad that I did! Stark was a perfect little puppy model and his sweet family was a delight to work with.

As you know, I have photographed hundreds of newborn human babies, so when my friends told me they were picking up their 8 week old German shepherd puppy and asked me to photograph him as soon as they got home, I LOVED the idea and said YES! Photographing pets is not something that I advertise as an Asheville photographer, though when families or couples want to incorporate their pets into their photography sessions or weddings photos here in Asheville, I always LOVE the idea and I LOVE the dynamic that it adds to the photos. Knowing that Puppy Stark was arriving soon and was still in his newborn phase, I knew that I could use many of the skills I have learned for newborn photography and create some beautiful photos with him as the main subject. Really though, how could a photographer go wrong with good light and a sweet adorable puppy? 

When I arrived at Stark’s house it was pouring rain and he was playing on the porch with his parents. After greetings and me loving on him for a few minutes, we decided a bath was in order to clean him up a bit. I loved that he needed a bath as it gave me an opportunity to incorporate some lifestyle photography into his newborn puppy session, too. Any baby’s first bath is a special time, and I was so happy that I was there to document it as an Asheville pet photographer!

Since Stark was perfectly clean and blown dry, had a full belly, and was sleepy, we got right to work with the posed photos of him by himself. He was truly in a deep sleep and let me move him and pose him any way I wanted to. Of course his lack of wide shoulder bones made swaddling him more of a challenge, and his longer body made him fill my basket a bit more. Overall though, it was just as I had imagined, he acted and posed just like a newborn human baby! I loved it!

After puppy photos of Stark on his own, I incorporated his Mommies for some of my classic family photography shots. For these photos he woke up and shared a bit of his personality with us, just like most human babies do! He was alert, looked right at his Mommies, and snuggled in with them so naturally. I loved every minute of it!

Stark was a wonderful subject for my first newborn puppy shoot in Asheville as an Asheville pet photographer and brought me out of my normal routine. For that I am thankful, and who knows, maybe you’ll see more puppy photography sessions like this in the future? 

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