Engadine Inn Summer Wedding Photography | Jackie + David

Wedding sparkler exit in afternoon at Engadine Inn Wedding Photography

I have to start by saying that this wedding day was truly magical! From many random good luck moments that poured in, to having loved ones watching the ceremony from afar via live stream, the love and support was strong for Jackie and David on their big day with Engadine Inn wedding photography!

Jackie and David are among many couples whose wedding plans changed due to COVID. For this couple though, their wedding was rescheduled multiple times. It was a challenge for them, but they took that challenge on with great grace and determination. They wanted to be married, and with the help of a few friends and family members, they simply made it happen! 

When I arrived at Engadine Inn in Asheville early in the morning the air was cool, the sun had just begun rising and peeking through the clouds, and I could tell right away that it was going to be a beautiful morning for a wedding! Jackie was finishing up with the hair stylist and makeup artist in her cabin and was very excited for the day. It had been a long time coming, but was finally here and I was so very happy for her! 

As I gathered her bridal details and photographed them on the porch of her cabin I looked up and saw a hot air balloon. My very first thought was that this must be good luck for Jackie + David on their wedding day as it is quite rare to see a hot air balloon in the mountains here. I poked my head inside and told Jackie about it. She and her Mom quickly came outside in excitement and took photos of the hot air balloon floating in the sky. As we talked about the good luck Jackie’s Mom turned to me and said. “You know that they got engaged in a hot air balloon, right?” Oh my goodness! I did not! This was a definite sign of good luck and longevity in my opinion! This hot air balloon was such a wonderful surprise and a fantastic start to Jackie + David’s wedding day! 

As the day progressed we captured the most gorgeous Engadine Inn wedding photography first look on Honey Hill at Engadine Inn, the sweetest of wedding ceremonies, and the most stunning wedding photos! The day was simply perfect! Jackie and David shared sweet looks and many fun moments, all while side by side, hand in hand. And to top it off, while taking photos of Jackie and David after the ceremony, I noticed a lady bug on Jackie’s dress. I reached over to take it off and she said it was okay there as it had been there since long before the ceremony began. This sweet little lady bug sat perfectly on a tiny flat ledge of Jackie’s dress for hours, and was still there when I left part way through their reception. What an incredible sign of good luck, again! 

Jackie and David’s wedding day was simply amazing. It may have taken longer than expected to get there, but they truly made the most of it and had an incredible wedding day overlooking the beautiful mountains with Engadine Inn wedding photography!

Congratulations, Jackie + David!

Venue: Engadine Weddings and Events
Dress: Allure Bridals at New York Bride & Groom of Columbia
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Officiant: Philip at Love & Wisdom
Hair + Makeup: Flawless: Asheville Airbrush Makeup Artistry
Florist: Blossoms Creative
Baker: Short Street Cakes

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