Biltmore Proposal Photographer | Where to Propose at Biltmore Estate

Couple getting engaged at Biltmore Estate
Couple getting engaged at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate, the most magnificent mansion I have ever laid eyes on here in the United States, and it can be hard to decide where to propose at Biltmore Estate! It is huge, ornately designed, is full of history, sits atop a hill with fantastic views, and is oh so spectacular! It is truly the most beautiful and unique spot to propose marriage and I am beyond lucky to have this incredible estate and mansion right near me, here in Asheville, NC

Biltmore Estate receives almost 1.5 million visitors each year, and even with this very large number of guests, the estate still has endless spots that are perfect for a marriage proposal. From busier areas with the front of the house in view, to quiet and secluded areas that very few people see, there is a spot for every couple to get engaged, and every single one is incredible!

My top 5 picks for where to propose at Biltmore Estate-

  • Upper Esplanade by Diana Statue – For the most magnificent views of the Biltmore house and the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is your spot! Not only are the views an incredible backdrop for your proposal, this area is surprisingly quiet as very few guests walk all the way to the top of the esplanade. They certainly miss out on the most epic view of the house, but they also leave this spot nicely untouched and perfect for a quiet proposal!

  • Wisteria Pergola This is one of my favorite spots on the estate, especially in the late spring when the wisteria shares its purple blooms. The vines and leaves provide a natural frame for photographs here and though many guests walk through this area, few stop and linger, leaving it only moderately busy for a proposal. 

  • Spring Garden Tunnel – This is another one of my favorite spots on the estate, and here’s why… it is practically a secret spot even though it is less than a one minute walk from the popular walled garden, it’s incredibly secluded and quiet, and most guests drive right over the top of it and don’t even know it’s there! I love that it’s right in the middle of things and almost no one sees it. It’s truly like a secret spot and I LOVE taking my clients to it! It’s very quiet, beautifully unique, and surrounded by nature.

  • South Terrace – Even though the South Terrace is right in the middle of a busy area on the estate, it is a beautiful spot for a proposal! The views are incredible, it’s right in the common path of wandering the estate so your partner to be will not be wondering where you’re going, and the far end of the terrace is less traveled. It is a great spot for moderately quiet proposal!

For more ideas and tips for proposing at Biltmore Estate, click over to How to Propose at Biltmore Estate | Asheville Engagement Photographer.

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