Asheville Maternity Photography with Mountain Views | Brittany + Tim Preview

Couple holding hands and laughing during maternity photos with mountain views

Sunrise sessions are always amazing, but this sunrise Asheville maternity photography session was absolutely magical! We had a beautiful cool morning, colorful skies, and the sweetest couple! The tall grass, quiet field, and beautiful light could not have been more perfect!

When Brittany contacted me about her maternity photo shoot, she mentioned they would be visiting the Asheville, NC area and were spending the long weekend with family that was all gathering together here in a rental home. She and Tim wanted to take a bit of time for themselves, and set up a maternity photo session to help celebrate the sweet little family they were starting. As we talked, she decided that since they live in Florida she would like to take advantage of the mountains and capture photos in a location with mountain views. I knew exactly the place!

The field we chose is filled with tall grass, 180 degree mountain views, and it is absolutely perfect at sunrise, which is when Brittany and Tim wanted their photos taken. When we arrived, dawn was just breaking and the area was completely quiet. The sky was beautiful and filled with soft pink and blue tones. The layers of mountains were dark and subtle in the distance, and were perfect for photos.

As I placed Brittany and Tim together in this gorgeous location, they instantly fit perfectly. Brittany’s long yellow dress and Tim’s blue shirt were a lovely set of colors that popped. Plus, these two are so comfortable in each other’s arms, that they were amazing in front of my camera. From holding hands to snuggling in close, these two rocked their maternity photos!

Of course we took some time to capture Brittany and her baby bump alone, too. Her perfectly round belly was gorgeous, and I loved how she so comfortably held her hand to support the baby under her belly. It was a beautiful Asheville maternity photography shoot!

We had a fabulous sunrise maternity photo session together, and I am so excited for these two to meet their new babe!

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