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You’re deep into wedding planning and feel organized, on top of your always growing to-do list, feel confident about your upcoming big day and all of the details, and most of all, you don’t want to bring another vendor into the mix! So when your friend recommends hiring a day of coordinator, you instantly tell them no, and that you’ve got everything under control! But, do you? Check out our list of reasons why we recommend hiring a day of coordinator for your Asheville wedding (even if you’re excelling at this wedding planning thing!)

1. A wedding coordinator is a wedding expert! 

They’ve seen it all and have a plethora of knowledge! A wedding coordinator is an expert at their job and sees many undone details that couples don’t. From the bride’s Mom almost missing the first dance (bathroom break!), to the cake table in the afternoon sun (melted cake, anyone?), a coordinator will catch details that can make or break your day! As a bride or groom, you can only see and do so much.

2. It’s your wedding day, enjoy it! 

Any wedding coordinator will carry the stress of the day for you. Checking the final decor, ensuring the caterer has enough place settings for your last minute additions, or even taking your canine ring bearer out for a minute of relief just before the ceremony! Your day should be worry free!

3. Create your best timeline! 

A wedding coordinator will help create a timeline for your entire day, down to the minute. Hair and makeup start times, DJ arrival time, and the exact minute to start toasts so that dinner is served fresh and hot, are only a few key items. Since your coordinator has seen and planned hundreds of weddings, they have an innate sense of how long components will take. Use them, and their knowledge, to create a seamless timeline!

4. Let your coordinator take the reins. 

As soon as you hire a coordinator, they will be the main point of contact for all vendors. (Yes, a ‘day of’ coordinator is actually more than a coordinator of the day, working with you at least one month before the wedding and putting in lots of time and energy before the ‘day of’ even arrives!) They will confirm all start times, send reminders as needed, ensure all vendors are present and on time, and can even distribute tips at the end of the night! Delegate these tasks? Yes, please!

5. On time I do’s! 

You’ve gone through the trouble of creating a timeline for an event you’ve never planned before (good job, it’s not easy!), and now you’re unsure of how it’s all going to stay on track! Maybe Aunt Martha can help with the ceremony, and cousin Jenn can help at the reception?! Though they will happily agree to help, they really want to simply enjoy the day and catch up with family! Your coordinator will keep all items on schedule and has the experience to know if at the last minute something should be adjusted! Trust them, they’ve got this!

6. Walk through, rehearsal, and ceremony, oh my! 

Yes, your coordinator will do a walk through of the ceremony site with you, coordinate the rehearsal with you, and ensure that your ceremony goes off without a hitch! This way, if your best man’s flight is delayed and he misses rehearsal, they can give him a quick run through the morning of the wedding and no one will have to know that he would have stood on the wrong gazebo step!

7. Final details, done! 

Your coordinator is the queen of details and multi-tasks like no other! Do you need two more tables set but are out of time? They will take care of it! Has the venue installed a projection screen on the ceremony stage since you did your last walk through? They will quickly add a few curtains to not only hide it, but to frame the space perfectly!

8. Bag of tricks to save the day! 

The flowers arrived with pink accents and you hate pink (this actually happened at my wedding and my coordinator quickly sent the florist back to his shop for more white and greenery! Fixed!) The groom’s tuxedo shirt is too small and the neck won’t button (with a small rubber band from their emergency kit and a straight pin, it’s fixed!) The cake arrives late, 5 minutes before cocktail hour in the reception room (this too happened at my wedding and my coordinator was covered in frosting from helping unpack the layers! Fixed!) Know that your coordinator is a master at quickly resolving any issue, big or small. They are also incredible at keeping issues quiet as to not let any unneeded stress be put on you!

9. Your vision, your perfect day! 

From walking through your wedding day spaces with you and meetings talking about your big day, your coordinator will share your vision. They will ensure that your timing, decor, and fun reception are exactly as you want them, and often times even better!

10. A coordinator is the best right hand man! 

There is nothing better than knowing that you have hired the best possible person to ensure your wedding day is perfect. A coordinator is exactly that! They are at your side from the minute you hire them, until the last wine glass in the venue kitchen is clean. They will put in the longest day and not once wish they were somewhere else. They will wish you nothing less than a lifetime of happiness together.

My favorite Asheville day-of coordinators and wedding planners who service western North Carolina and beyond: 
Mariah at Joy Coordinating
Erin, Sierra, and Margo at Plain with Sprinkles
Nicole at White Laurel Design Co.

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