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With most couples getting engaged around the holidays, many wait until spring or summer to take their engagement photos at any engagement photo locations in Asheville. Some even wait until fall if their wedding is over a year away. It makes perfect sense- while the temperatures here in Asheville, NC are typically mild in the winter, the landscape is gray and brown which isn’t too appealing to most couples. During spring we capture bright green grass and beautiful spring flowers. Summer offers gorgeous sunsets, late evenings, and full green trees. The fall season brings an entirely different pop of color with oranges, reds, and browns. All are wonderful options, and are often chosen depending on the wedding date and the style the couple is attracted to. 

To help navigate engagement photography planning, I’d love to share my recommendation for the five best engagement photo locations in Asheville. 

1. Biltmore Estate

The charm and love of Biltmore’s property makes this location number one on my list. I capture many proposals on the property and couples dream of having their wedding there, so it’s natural to love this location for engagement photos. Plus, Biltmore property has SO MUCH to offer. Not only is there the impressive house, there are immaculate gardens, incredibly designed hard scapes, lush greenery, secluded pathways, gorgeous sunsets, and more. Plus, I know of many little secret places for the best photos! It’s so large and diverse that I could spend a solid week photographing a single couple there. Oh, wouldn’t that be dreamy?! 

2. The North Carolina Arboretum

The gorgeous gardens and beautiful hard scapes all nestled into the forest are what draws me in to The North Carolina Arboretum. At all times of the year there are beautiful spots for engagement photos. Spring and summer offer fresh flowering bushes and trees, fall provides gorgeous pops of color in the forest, and winter can be beautiful with a little snow along the pathways and on the dark green pine trees. I adore the arboretum for many reasons, but engagement sessions top that list! 

3. Lake Eden

If a secluded 60+ acre property with two lakes, mountain views, barns, and gorgeous landscapes are what you’re looking for, Lake Eden is a perfect fit! It’s quiet, beautiful, easy to get to, and you can even rent a cabin on the property to stay for the night! The serene and private environment is what really attracts me to Lake Eden. It’s the perfect spot for a quiet and intimate engagement session.

4. Botanical Gardens at Asheville

For a somewhat smaller space (at least compared to my top three picks), the Botanical Gardens is packed with diversity. The creek, open green space, bridges, rock walls, trails, old cabin, and more, offer a ton of engagement photo spots. Many couples love photos taken while standing on rocks in the creek, and it’s an option most couples don’t expect when taking photos at botanical gardens. The old growth trees in the park are a beautiful canopy for wide range shots, and the peaceful sound of flowing water adds to the experience. For a mere 10 acre park, the Botanical Gardens have a lot to offer

5. Blue Ridge Parkway

The beauty of the great Blue Ridge Parkway makes it impossible to not be included on this list. From long range views to rhododendron lined trails, the parkway is a fantastic location for engagement photos. The many overlooks let us catch sunrises, sunsets, foggy valleys, and breathtaking views. It’s a romantic idea to capture your love at what seems like the top of the world, so why not go for it?! 

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