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Couple getting engaged at Biltmore Estate

Congratulations! You’ve found your one and only true love, and you’re ready to ask your partner to spend the rest of your lives together! Getting engaged is such an exciting time, and what better place to propose marriage than at Asheville’s very own Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore Estate is grand, beautiful, and a perfect place to get engaged! The nooks and crannies, and the wide open spaces at Biltmore provide many amazing spots to plan your proposal. Many out of towners and locals alike, propose marriage at Biltmore. The feel we all get when strolling through the immaculate gardens, gazing out at the long range mountain views, tip toeing along the rocks to view the secluded waterfall, and wandering across the front lawn, is incredible and memorable. The wonder, the fairytale, and the relaxed state of mind makes Biltmore a magical place for a marriage proposal. 

Throughout the property there are many gorgeous spots for a proposal. If you both love the view of the Biltmore house, the front lawn or esplanade are perfect places to get down on one knee. They are each also a fantastic spot for photo ops when capturing that precise moment of excitement! Another lesser known area with an incredible view of the house is at the lagoon. Along the west cove of the lagoon, the house is perfectly framed among tree branches in all seasons of the year. It’s a picturesque spot and often quiet, sometimes allowing you to be the only two people there. 

Among the walled garden and Italian garden other guests are often present, but with the incredible floral displays and greenery, you really can’t go wrong there either. Over the tops of the walls and trees the Biltmore house peeks out, giving you a glimpse of the beautiful stonework and architecture. 

For a more private and secluded proposal, I recommend a few lesser traveled spots on the property. One area that most guests (even those who visit often) don’t know about is the brick tunnel. It sits in the Spring Garden and provides a roadway above for cars to travel down to the Bass Pond. It’s surprisingly quiet, even with cars above, and very serene. 

Another quiet spot is the Bass Pond and boat house. Many guests drive along the edge of the Bass Pond, but few get out and wander along the shore. This area is peaceful, quiet, and here your audience is likely to be a family of ducks. For even more seclusion, try walking down to the bottom of the waterfall. The flow of the water splashing on rocks the below is a perfectly peaceful sound that you will remember forever. 

Lastly, my favorite spot on the property, and a place people often look, but never set foot, is the knoll behind the Biltmore house. Even with hundreds of guests milling about the grounds, it’s an incredibly beautiful and special spot for a proposal. Standing at the base of the South Terrace wall, looking out over the old oak trees and on to the Blue Ridge Mountains, makes this spot truly incredible. Here you will likely be the only two people on earth who witness your proposal, still with the feel of the Biltmore Estate under your feet and the views of the mountains over your shoulder. 

Anywhere you choose for your proposal on the Biltmore Estate will be beautiful. However, with the help of a local Asheville engagement photographer who knows the property well, your proposal can be truly magical. 

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