Asheville Family Photographer | What is a Mini Session and How Do I Know If It’s a Good Fit for My Family?

little boy laughing with parents during family photos
little boy laughing with parents during family photos

Mini sessions are just as they sound, a mini version of a full photo session. A mini session is a short photo session with fewer final photos at a smaller price. They are perfect for some families in some seasons of life, and are not so perfect for others.

For me, I offer Asheville photography mini sessions only once a year, on a Saturday in November. They are 15 minute sessions at a set location, and include 3 digital images with the option to purchase more images, prints, canvases, and gifts. A lot of my clients love them, but they’re not ideal for every family. How do you know if a mini session is right for you? Consider some of these options when deciding between a mini session and a full photo session.

What are your expectations for photos?

If you’re only looking for a few photos and are happy to capture your family’s moments as they happen, with a just a couple of family portraits, a mini session may be right for you. 

If you’re interested in lots of photos and have a long list of specific shots you’d like, a full session would likely be a better fit. 

What are your kids personalities like?

If your kids are great listeners right from the start and quickly warm up to people they don’t know, a mini session may be right for you.

If your children are shy or take a bit to settle in, a full session would likely be a better fit. 

Does the mini session location match your style?

Since mini sessions are in a pre-set location, make sure that is the style you want for your photos. If it is, a mini session may be a good fit. If it’s not, consider scheduling a full photo session with me at another location of your choice. 

How much time and energy do you have to put towards photos?

If you prefer a quick trip in front of my camera to capture fun times with your family and want to get in and out without dedicating an entire morning or evening to photos, a mini session may be right for you.

If you’d like a more leisure session with time for lots of play, portraits, and even outfit changes, a full session may be a better fit. 

How flexible are you?

If your children’s nap schedules fit well around your mini session time and you are a family that tends to be on time, a mini session may be right for you.

If you think your children will need a nap or be fussy during the mini session times available, or you tend to run late, a full photo session would likely be a better fit.

What is your budget?

If you have the budget for a full session, I always encourage it. It gives us the chance to spend more time together and capture even more special moments of you and your family. I completely understand that not all families want to allot money for a full session, so a mini session is sometimes a great option. 

During all of my photo sessions I do everything in my power to learn about your family’s dynamic and about your personalities. I spend time interacting with your children so that I can earn their trust and get all of those smiles and giggles to come out! I do this not only because I love to learn about my clients, but also so that I am more prepared to capture those candid shots full of all that wonderful emotion! I want to capture your family as you live your everyday lives, with the love and fun that you all share together. During a mini session our time together can fly by, but I still take time to get to know you and your family so that I can capture all of your beautiful moments together!

To see more photos like these and ideas for your next Asheville photography mini session, click over to My Portfolio and Family Photos at Biltmore Estate.

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