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three canvases of a newborn baby above bed.

In our current digital world we take A LOT of photographs, though most of us don’t know exactly where each of our favorite photographs are. I find that’s because digital photos are easily lost. They may be on our phones, social media, hard drives, in the cloud, or even on that laptop that crashed last year. They live in these devices indefinitely, often never to be looked at again. If we do go looking for those favorite photographs, we are fortunate to find them at all, hoping that the only copy was not on that crashed laptop.

Our most cherished photographs are rarely seen or experienced, and I know (because I am one of these people) that we would like to see them more often. Some we would even love to see every day! Between working, running the kids to sports, and spending time with our families, those photographs that you invested time and money into die somewhere out there in our digital world very quickly. Happily, I am here to say that they won’t anymore! I am here to help you put your favorite photographs front and center so that you can experience them and cherish your fondest memories every day!

I truly believe in being a full service photographer. Sending you digital images and wishing you the best of luck doesn’t help you at all, but walking you through high quality and unique options and ideas for hanging your favorite photos on the walls of your home allows you to have one less item on your to-do list, and be able to start enjoying your photos right away!

It doesn’t have to take long to decide what to print, how big, and where to hang it in your home. I will walk you through the process, give ideas, and happily answer any questions you may have. Then when you’ve made your choices, you can either order them through your online gallery on your own, or send me a quick list of what photos you want as which products, and I will take care of the rest!

What is wall art?
Wall art is really anything that you hang on the wall, but for our purposes, we will define it as digital images from your photo session that you can print and hang on your walls.

Which wall art product should I pick?
I encourage you to take a moment and think about the style and feel of your home-
For a cozy home with traditional character, I suggest looking closer at framed prints, canvases, and collage wall spans in canvas. All are timeless and will adapt well with your growing family.
For a modern or industrial style home with clean lines and minimal decor, look toward acrylic prints, framed prints, and collage wall spans in metal or acrylic.
For a rustic or country home with earthy elements, I recommend looking at framed prints, canvases, and collage wall spans in canvas or wood.

Framed Prints

Classic yet refined. Frames provide a timeless solution for image display and these matboard backed prints are more durable and longer lasting than standard prints. Offered in 7 styles with non-glare glass, your prints arrive ready to hang with gallery-like quality. Sizes include 8×10 up to to 20×30.

Gallery Wrapped Canvases

Printed on premium canvas and wrapped 1.5″ around a stretcher bar. With museum-like quality, you’ll love your very own original masterpiece. Sizes include 8×10 up to to 24×36.

Vivid Metals

Printed on a thin aluminum surface and employing a modern dye-sublimation process and the latest technology for enhanced color, clarity and detail, Vivid Metals are a show-stopping contemporary decor piece with a vibrant glossy finish.

Collage Wall Spans

It’s easier than ever to create gorgeous wall art collections with collage wall spans. Choose from 6 layouts of one image or multiple images on either canvas or wood prints to personalize your walls to fit your style and space.

Where should I hang it?

Think big, open spaces. Over the couch, over the fireplace, above your bed’s headboard, over your desk, on the large dining room wall, on the wall above your stairs…and many more, are all great places to hang wall art. Personally, I have a gallery wall (a group of photos/artwork) in my living room along with a canvas, a shelf holding a canvas and two framed photos in my dining room, a large wood piece above my bed, and a collage wall span of canvases over the guest bed headboard.

What sizes are best for my home?

For single pieces of wall art in your big open spaces I recommend larger sizes like 20×30 and bigger. This will help fill the space and balance it in the rest of the room. To help visualize it even more, there is a website called WallApp where you can upload a photo of a room in your house and play around with your photos and sizes to find what you like best. Unfortunately it doesn’t list photo sizes, but it will still give you a great idea of what your home will look like when you hang your wall art piece.

For collage wall spans you may like the idea of 3 large pieces, or 9 smaller pieces. Either way, they will fill about the same amount of space.

Keep in mind that close up photos can make a statement with a medium sized piece like 11×14 or 16×20, while full body family photos are best printed as large pieces, 20×30 or bigger. This way you will be able to see the person in the photograph from across the room.

Take a look at the wall display guide below to get an idea of which size is best for your room.

What if I love so many of the photos that there isn’t enough wall space in the world?

For this, I recommend a custom printed heirloom album that you can display on your coffee table or in your family room and easily look through from time to time. We can include as many photos as you’d like from your session in this high quality family heirloom. It comes in a choice of leather or linen cover with multiple color options, is printed on high quality photographic paper, boasts thick layflat pages, and the cover can be imprinted with the year, family name, or more. These custom printed albums make wonderful gifts for grandparents as well! Of course, I recommend picking your absolute favorite photo for a piece of wall art, too!

Can I also get smaller prints to share with grandparents and family members?

Of course! Gift prints and accordion minis are available through me when you place your larger order, or can be ordered right through your online gallery with just a few clicks.


Printed on the world’s finest photographic paper, prints are available in both color and black and white (most sizes). 10 sizes available from wallets to 30×40 large prints. Matboard backing available for long lasting durability.

Jessica is an Asheville family photographer, Asheville newborn photographer, Asheville wedding photographer, and Asheville engagement photographer specializing in providing a unique and fun photo session experience with her clients, and then walking them through wall art choices to enjoy their photographs in their home. All products are of premium quality and are available from her professional print lab.

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