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Badgley Mischka wedding shoes with peep toe at Asheville wedding.

With so many details that go into wedding planning, sometimes the idea of comfortable wedding shoes gets left behind. This is one item that I urge you to take your time on. Shoe shop regularly until you find the perfect pair (or pairs! You will see more on that in a minute.) Go ahead, do as you’ve always wanted and shoe shop every week!

1. Find the right fit

This seems obvious, right? Truthfully though, we have all purchased shoes that haven’t fit us perfectly because they were super cute. It’s human nature, we want things to work, even when they don’t. With your wedding shoes, be sure they aren’t too snug in any direction (this will help avoid pain points) and aren’t too loose in any direction (this will help avoid blisters). If this means putting back those super cute stilettos and looking another day, I say do it. Your feet and late night party guests will thank you!

2. Break them in

Take time to wear your wedding shoes around the house while you’re cleaning, packing wedding items, cooking, whatever. The more you wear them at home, the longer you will be comfortable in them on your wedding day. Many wedding venues here in the Asheville, NC area are expansive and require a lot of walking. All of your prep work will be well worth it!

3. Choose multiple pairs

This is my favorite tip, and is tried and true! Go ahead and splurge on multiple pairs of wedding shoes, because the best way to keep a pair of wedding shoes from being painful is to change into another pair!
Your wedding day has multiple phases, why not have a different pair of shoes for each phase? You could start with ceremony shoes, switch to party shoes at the start of the reception, and then as you head to your after party, swap to another pair for the rest of the night! Plus, this option allows for many cute wedding photos!

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