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Wall art is a wonderful way to show off your photos. Seriously, who doesn’t love a large print or canvas hanging over their sofa? There are so many fabulous ways to display a few photos loud and proud in your home! For more information on that, click over to How to Choose Wall Art.

But, as much as we all love personalized wall art, we simply cannot place all of our favorite oversized prints in our home. There simply isn’t enough room! Plus, grandparents and family members certainly love you, but may not want life size photos of you around their house. This is where gift prints, gifts, and albums come in. Your family wants to show off photos of their newest nephew, or your wedding photos from the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, so let them! Smaller items make incredible holiday gifts, birthday presents, and more!

Custom Printed Heirloom Albums

Parents always want to show off photos of their children, whether they are a couple of weeks old or just got married. Custom printed heirloom albums are a wonderful way to do this since they contain dozens of photos in one handsome book, and they make incredible gifts! Many of my wedding couples gift small albums to their parents for Christmas, and they love it! And some of my families gift albums to grandparents for Mother’s Day or Grandparent’s Day and it’s always a hit!
Albums can include as many photos as you’d like from your session or wedding in this high quality family heirloom. It comes in a choice of leather or linen cover with multiple color options, is printed on high quality photographic paper, boasts thick layflat pages, and the cover can be imprinted with the year, family or couple’s names, or more.

High Quality Prints

If you don’t feel a full album is perfect, I bet a handful of high quality prints are! With this option, you can personalize the prints for each family member by adding a frame that fits their style and home decor when you place your order. From 4×6 prints to 16×20 prints and larger, there is a size for every space!
– The prints I offer are printed on the world’s finest photographic paper and are available in both color and black and white. 10 sizes are available from wallets to 30×40 large prints. Matboard backing and custom framing is available for long lasting durability.

As always, remember that we have photos taken to capture our greatest moments. We want to remember and cherish those moments by looking at the photos from time to time. Sometimes that means a few photos in a wall collage for you to swoon over every day, and sometimes that means an album containing dozens of your favorite images that stays on your coffee table to be easily looked through a few times a week. Whatever it is, choose what suits you best and print those photos!

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Jessica is an Asheville family photographer, Asheville newborn photographer, Asheville engagement photographer and Asheville wedding photographer in NC, specializing in providing a unique and fun photo session experience with her clients, and then walking them through wall art choices to enjoy their photographs in their home. All products are of premium quality and are available from her professional print lab.

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