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This most handsome little man has arrived, and I am truly overjoyed! I loved capturing his hospital newborn photography in Asheville, NC! He is the son of two of my favorite people on the planet, and it is amazing to see them become a trio! They are the sweetest little family and when I’m with them, I can feel the immense love that they all share! It’s so natural, and incredible to witness!

For these newborn photos, Rory’s parents opted to have them taken at the hospital, while Rory was still very fresh and new. To be specific, he was only about 34 hours old when we captured them! I LOVE when parents want to capture a newborn baby’s photos within the first two or three days after birth. Since a newborn baby’s features change so quickly, it’s wonderful to document them as soon as the family feels comfortable.

I know that two to three days can seem so soon to many people, however there are other advantages to taking newborn baby photos this soon as well. For most families, their time in the hospital is less busy than the first few weeks at home, the baby is still all curled up only a few days after birth and they really start to stretch out soon after that, and as I mentioned above, a newborn baby’s features change very quickly after birth. We want to capture all of that newness, so sooner is better for hospital newborn photography in Asheville!

During our hospital newborn photography in Asheville, this little dude was a perfect gentleman. He showed us his big beautiful eyes, his sweet personality, and his love for snuggles. All of these things made for a perfect newborn baby photo shoot in the hospital! Plus, I LOVED the swaddles and hats that his parents picked for us to use. The colors were a perfect combination for photos of them all together!

As you know, I love capturing hospital newborn photography in Asheville. This photo shoot though, was extra special to me. Welcome to the world, Rory!

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