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Bride and groom walking down aisle at wedding at Lodge at Flat Rock in Hendersonville, NC

There are many advantages to having an unplugged wedding, which we will go through in a minute. Before we do that, let’s talk about what exactly an unplugged wedding is. By my definition, as an Asheville, NC wedding photographer, an unplugged wedding is where the couple getting married asks their guests to put away all of their cameras, phones, or any other digital devices during the ceremony. Why is this so important during this digital age? Let’s see…

1. It allows your guests to be fully present in the moment

When your guests put away any distracting devices it allows them to be there with you, completely. As a couple, you have invited all of your favorite people to be a part of your wedding day and you want them to be listening intently during your wedding ceremony. Plus, when you look toward your guests in the middle of your ceremony, I’m sure you’d love to see their loving faces with sweet smiles and not the back of their phones. 

2. Your privacy, and your guests’ privacy, is respected

Though many of us are happily active on social media, not all people are. By asking your guests to be present and enjoy themselves in the moment, fewer posts will be made for the world to see. It also allows you to be the first to post an announcement about your nuptials, if you’d like. I find that many couples want the professional photos to be the first posted.

3. It allows your photographers and videographers to capture uninterrupted footage of your day. 

By asking your guests to pocket their phones and devices, it ensures that your photographers and videographers will have a clear shot as they capture your day. You will not have any guests holding phones out in the middle of your wedding photos, or will not have an arm or body in the aisle while capturing your first kiss as a married couple. It may seem silly to think that a guest would stand up in the middle of the aisle and block a photographer’s capture of your first kiss, but it unfortunately does happen. The two samples below are at weddings where guests were asked to put away all of their devices.

These 3 reasons to go unplugged may lead you to a few questions…

How do I have an unplugged wedding and politely ask guests to put away their devices? 

In my experience, a short announcement after guests are seated and just before the ceremony starts is ideal. Reminding your guests that you love them and want them to be present and enjoy this moment with them is perfect. In addition, a cute sign stating “eyes up, phones down, hearts open”, or simply, “welcome to our unplugged ceremony, please turn off all cell phones, cameras, and any other devices, and enjoy this special moment with us” is a wonderful and polite reinforcement.

I’m not sure all of my guests will adhere to my unplugged wedding request for the entire wedding day, what should I do?

Though you are welcome to ask guests to refrain from using their phones and cameras the entire wedding, I typically recommend requesting this for the ceremony only. During the cocktail hour and reception many friends and family members may want a few photos of themselves with those they haven’t seen recently, or even a selfie with you! 

If guests don’t take photos, how do I share about my wedding right away?

As your wedding photographer, I will have some sneak peek photos on social media for you to share within 48 hours of your wedding. After that, your finished photo gallery is typically available in 3-4 weeks and can be easily shared with all of your guests, family, and friends. In the gallery you will find all of your wedding day photos so that people can see every aspect of your day!

Deciding which version of an unplugged ceremony is right for you can take some time. Considering all of the options is a great place to start. In the end, be sure you are choosing the option that fits you and your fiancé best. After all, it’s your day!

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