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Wedding day details at Hawkesdene in Andrews near Asheville

Wedding days are filled with the hustle and bustle of getting ready, greeting guests, making last minute decisions, and of course, love and excitement. As a wedding photographer in Asheville, NC, I do everything we can to help make your big day simpler, quieter, and more enjoyable. One of the things I pride myself in and strive to do for my couples is to help them prepare for their wedding day by sharing my experiences and knowledge with them in the weeks and months before their big day. After all, I see and experience dozens of weddings each year, so naturally I love to share my knowledge!

One topic I always talk about in advance of a wedding day, is wedding detail photos. Typically the first thing I photograph on a wedding day are the couples details, so having this conversation early and preparing the couple is important. By having this conversation early, the couple can gather these items in the weeks leading up to their wedding day at their own pace. Gosh knows, each couple has so many details to take care of, I want to give them as much time as possible!

So let’s get to it…

What wedding day details should you gather ahead of time for your photographers?

1. Invitation suite + stamps

That’s right, bring all of it! Anything you used to send your invitation, I want to photograph! All of the pieces of your invitation including an addressed envelope, RSVP card, and even your wax stamp. It all looks so incredible beautiful laid out together!

2. Accessories

This list can be long, but it’s well worth gathering all of these items to be photographed. Items like shoes, jewelry, veil, garter, hair pieces like a clip, comb, or flower crown, cuff links, pocket square, handkerchief, and more. Each one of these items was carefully chosen by you and your fiancé, and we love to take a moment to showcase them in your photographs.

3. Rings + ring boxes

They deserve their own line item away from accessories, don’t they? 

4. Perfume + cologne

These little bottles bring the perfect dimension into photographs, and let you remember the exact scent you wore when you look back at your wedding photos years later.

5. Dress, tux, suit, or any other attire

We will take the time to hang your wedding dress or suit, and capture it’s full beauty on a gorgeous hanger!

6. Ceremony items

Any items that will be used in your ceremony are perfect to capture ahead of time, too. Items like hand written vows, hand tieing ropes, custom cloths made for a foot washing ceremony, and more.

7. Bouquet + boutonnière

Oh yes, we definitely want these! We want to highlight the florists beautiful work and all of the colors you so carefully chose for your flowers.

8. Extra flowers from your florist + extra ribbon from your dress or invitations

Most florists have a few leftover buds, stems, and greenery from making a couple’s bouquets and boutonnières, and are happy to leave them at the venue to use for photographs. 

9. Love letters + gifts

If you plan to exchange any love letters or gifts the day of the wedding, we love to incorporate these into the photos for added storytelling.

10. The couple’s seating place cards

Borrowing these from the reception space is quick and easy, and adds a cute touch to photographs that incorporate many items from the day. 

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