Biltmore Engagement Photographer | Courtney + Andrew Proposal

Man proposing to woman at Couple kissing at Biltmore Engagement Photographer
Man proposing to woman at Couple kissing at Biltmore Engagement Photographer

This beautiful Biltmore Estate proposal was simply perfect! Do you see this incredible proposal spot? Look again- the clouds, the mountain tops, and of course the stunning Biltmore house. With the natural framing that the rows of trees give on the esplanade, this is truly the most perfect spot to propose at Biltmore in Asheville

With the esplanade and front lawn practically to ourselves, Andrew got down on one knee and asked Courtney to marry him! She of course said yes! With the most amazing scene in the background, their photographs are beautiful and are a perfect way to help remember this amazing moment! I absolutely love when couples choose Biltmore for their engagement! It’s so enchanting! 

As a Biltmore engagement photographer, Andrew contacted me a few days before his planned proposal and I instantly loved his spontaneity! He told me that he and Courtney currently live almost 5 hours apart due to work and that a last minute romantic weekend stay in Asheville at The Inn on Biltmore Estate was a perfect fit for them. His idea to propose first thing on Saturday morning when the crowds were light and we practically had the place to ourselves was even more perfect! 

When I photograph a surprise proposal there are a lot of moving parts, and the most important part for me is to stay inconspicuous. For this proposal I arrived early as I always do, got out all of my gear and began pretending to take photos of the surrounding trees, flowers, and statues. As I do for every proposal, I look over my shoulder every few seconds for the couple to arrive. When they arrive and get settled into their proposal spot, I position myself at the exact angle and distance I want to shoot and point my camera away from them, all the while looking out of the corner of my eye for the proposal to start. As soon as I see the first twitch of movement, I spin around and begin capturing the entire proposal! Since I am a ways away from them being as discreet as possible, the entire proposal and all of the beautiful moments happen as if I am not even there! The person being proposed to has no idea I am there capturing it all until it is over. And even then, the person proposing typically has to point me out after the proposal since they are so deep in the moment! 

I absolutely love capturing proposals for many reasons. Mostly, I LOVE surprises- they make my heart happy and the excitement is incredible! Also, I LOVE capturing love- it’s so authentic and real! Plus, I LOVE being a part of such an amazing moment- it’s not my moment, however I love being able to gift the once in a lifetime photographs to the couple! 

This proposal was beautiful and one I will not soon forget. Andrew asked Courtney to marry him in the most amazing of spots, and she said yes! I say yes too, to living right here forever! Congratulations Andrew + Courtney, I adored bring your Biltmore engagement photographer!

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