Asheville LGBTQ Engagement Photographer at Biltmore Estate | Shayna + Lauren Proposal

Double proposal for Asheville LGBTQ engagement photographer
Double proposal for Asheville LGBTQ engagement photographer

You’re not seeing double, you’re seeing a double surprise proposal with this Asheville LGBTQ Engagement Photographer at Biltmore Estate, and it was oh so amazing!! Shayna and Lauren are the sweetest couple and I loved capturing this double-the-fun time for them! From tears to laugher, the emotions they shared with me were magical!

Y’all, I am truly still swooning over this double surprise proposal at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC last week! I know it sounds crazy, but earlier in the day before this amazing proposal I had a thought pop into my mind. I had a feeling that a double proposal could happen. Of course I shrugged it off because what are the chances? Then, it happened!!

On the day of the proposal, just as we planned, Lauren and Shayna walked down the pre-chosen paved path at Biltmore Estate and approached the brick tunnel. Lauren stopped, held Shayna’s hand, and spoke sweet words to her. Then, Lauren dropped down on one knee and asked Shayna to marry her. Shayna was shocked in the best of ways, and of course said “Yes!” They took a brief moment to celebrate, and share hugs and kisses. Then all of a sudden Shayna quickly walked to her father who was standing right behind me and asked for the item in his pocket. He took it out, handed it to Shayna, and she walked right back to Lauren. Shayna immediately dropped down on her knee asked Lauren to marry her, too! It was so unbelievable! My stomach had butterflies it was so amazing! I was beyond happy for these two! My arms were covered in goosebumps, I could not stop smiling, and I couldn’t believe that the feeling I had earlier in the day came true! I loved every second of this proposal!!

After we all took a few moments to gather ourselves and wipe the tears from our faces, we debriefed for a moment as everything happened so fast! It was amazing to hear the back story of Lauren getting ready to propose to Shayna and Shayna preparing to propose to Lauren. These two are SO in love and I am so happy to see this kind of complete happiness!

Throughout the rest of our time together we walked around Biltmore Estate’s gardens and captured Asheville LGBTQ Engagement Photographer engagement photos for Shayna and Lauren. They could not stop smiling and a few tears kept sneaking from their eyes. They were so very happy!!

Congratulations again, you two!

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